Sep 2010 28

King Night, the debut album from witch house/drag trio SALEM is now available from IAMSOUND Records. Mixed by Dave Sardy (LCD Soundsystem, Band Of Horses, Spoon), the album accents SALEM’s ability to create chilling soundscapes, striking a delicate balance between menacing and serene.  The album has received an overwhelming amount of critical attention, including rave reviews from NME (9/10), Vice (9/10), URB, Dazed And Confused, as well as the cover feature from the latest issue of XLR8R.

“You can call this drag or witch house if you like but regardless of its genre tag this is monumental.” –NME

“Like Crystal Castles before them, SALEM hit on the right mix of tranquilised beauty and stomach-wrenching horror…”  –Vice

“The album is epic – a vast underworld of soupy, hypnotic euphoria, with Heather’s voice flying over and under the record like a dove through a futuristic war zone.”  –Dazed And Confused

“The opening title track is a teeth-grinding Christmas anthem perverted by fanatical choir stabs and crumbling, blown-out subs.  It’s basically SALEM’s annihilation hymn, and it puts their most fierce, polarizing foot forward.”  –XLR8R

“King Night” is a creepy, tripped-out collection of songs that make the hair on your arms stand straight up.”    –URB